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Banjo - young, male bulldog cross

From the rescue website:Banjo is a young male Bulldog cross. This lad came into our care along with another Bulldog cross and a Boxer cross, the Boxer cross female went of to a foster home and the two lads are still looking for loving forever homes.

Banjo catfish at last!

These fantastic Banjo Catfish are from Richmond Aquarium. After searching locally for a few years, I was surprised to come across these gems at a saltwater shop, of all places! Thanks to Andy (hope I've got his name right) for his help and very friendly

Photo of Tank - 55 gal semi planted

Well, I have had about 3 weeks of stable, clean, clear fish tank, and my thanks to all. All my fish seem happy, and healthy, thriving, and growing.Thanks to all!

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