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We got the Freedom, Freedom to Rock.


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Name : A Nickname:Fourth Raikage Gender : Male Age:Unknown Appearance : Personality :A is very caring and protective towards his younger brother, despite Killer B's status as a jinchūriki, and wept at the idea of his younger brother being

Ultimate Resource Reference ~ By: Kage & Shad

Introduction - Due to the invalidity of the old recourses topic, and to it's old fashion, I decided to re-make a newer version and add up to it, this is a guide made to help people with graphics designing, for GIMP and Photoshop. From this guide you will

Mei Terumī

Name : Mei Terumī Nickname: Gender : Female Age :30s Appearance : Personality :Mei is a cheerful person who is almost always smiling regardless of what she is saying, such as when promising to kill someone. She is usually kind however, speaking wel

Funny stuff. I challenge thee!

There is a humongous amount of parodic and funny stuff around the internets, we all know that... mangas, movies, politics... Well, just post your best pictures!!! The LOL challenge may begin! Cross counter!!!

4 Kage’s Summoned – Shikaku’s Tactical Plan – Naruto Shippuden 267

Naruto Shippuden 267 explodes as we see some crazy stuff! The Raikage, Mizukage, Kazekage and even the Tsuchikage are all back as Kabuto summons them. The increasing number of Edo Tensei Summoned people worries Shikaku so he develops an incredible tactica

[Naruto] Madara Saved Obito Uchiha – Kage’s Nearly Dead – 601

Naruto 601 is a day early with some fantastic scenes! Madara shows up to say hello to Obito, we also find out that Madara will fight Naruto and Bee while Obito with Kakashi and Gai. We also know that all the Kage’s are in their near death conditions,

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