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Harry Potter - The Hogwarts Experience

Enroll at Hogwarts, be sorted into houses, take classes, earn house points, live the Hogwarts experience

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Romulus and Remus the twin Persians[WIP]

Insert Image ___________________________ Insert Image Romulus Text Color- #C77700 Item-Coin Necklace Gender-Male Age-Adult Species- #053;Persian, Classy Cat Pokemon Height-3’10” (A bit taller) Weight-71.0lbs (A bit heavier) Pokédex

Casting Director's Chair

A class with a bit of fun! All you need to do is look at the list of characters below and name another actor/actress who you believe would be a good choice to play that character in the films. You can not choose an actor/actress who already stars

Remus/ Tonks

Why did no one make a thread for them yet? They are probably my favorite ship right now. [would be Remus/ Sirius but JK just had to kill Sirius] So what are others opinion on this ship? I know some of you like it...I hope...

A Hogwarts Halloween

For this class I want you to write an account of a Halloween inside the halls of Hogwarts past, any time period is acceptable. For instance, you can set a story in the Maruader's era, or the first Halloween ever at Hogwarts. Part One Write an


For the first time in over 30 years, a new production of EQUUS returns to the West End, and Daniel Radcliff has a staring role with a few surprises of his own Quote:Alan Strang (Daniel Radcliffe) seems a normal, obedient 17-year old with a passion for


Welcome to the odd world of Seamus! Heh heh. Anyway. I'm really weird (just ask Jenn and Drake) and I enjoy the Remus/Sirius ship. Yes, I'm weird...I think I covered that. So....anyone besides me like it? Check out this YouTube fanvid:

A Look at Death Eater: Fenrir Greyback

A vicious weapon that Voldemort uses to persuade and threaten wizards to join his side is the infamous werewolf, Fenrir Greyback. Of all the wizards that have been infected by lycanthropy, Fenrir Greyback is the only wizard that not only enjoys being a

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