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Are today's jazz men jolly jokesters?

There was a time when jazz lovers seemed very earnest and unsmiling. I think that maybe they thought Miles and Trane and Ornette Coleman were dead serious and no laughing matter; the music had to be studied with intense concentration and furrowed

Pirate Template

Character Name: Character Epithet: Height: Weight: Age: Gender: Character Alignment: (Lawful-Good, Chaotic-Neutral, True-Evil, etc.) Character Race: (Cyborgs must be at least 51% human. Robots must be 100% robot.) Date of Birth: (Month and

LF 36 pokemon can offer somethings

im looking for these following pokemon:Magnezone(modest) :Electross :Heracross(jolly adamant) :Yanmega(modest) :Honchkrow(naughty) : Drapion(jolly careful) :Kingdra(adamant rash naughty modest) :Pidgeto(jolly adamant) :Skarmory(impish) : Dusknoir(impish

Jolly good to meet you Chaps and Chapettes!

So I'm T-M-S. I'm from the UK, a dreary place to live. My existence is slightly brightened by good things, however. And my fairly recent (like December-ish I think) discovery of the Slender Mythos and actually scary creepypastas is currently foremost

Jolly or adamant breloom?

Does making it jolly with max spd actually make a difference to being adamant max spd? I mean some metagrosses and jolly tyranitars might outspeed it and breloom is frail so shouldnt he be as fast as possible to put the pokemon to sleep? So should i go

Edward Newgate

Character Name: Edward Newgate Character Epithet: Whitebeard Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown Age: 72 Gender: Male Character Alignment: Lawful-Good, Character Race: Human Date of Birth: April 6 Character Sign: Aries Favourite Type of

Ideas for Nidoking

I was thinking about breeding a Nidoking and wanted to hear some ideas on natures/movesets/evs and such for it. I asked in chatbox while 9 people were on but apparently no one was willing to help me out. So if you have any ideas please post them here.

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