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Omsi Greece

This forum made for sharing buses mods and repaints for OMSI 2

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A place to hang out and communicate with discussions about buses, subways, and railroads.


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Sixshots Platoon (G.I. Joes)

Here's my 25th anniversary collection of G.I. Joes all are still mosc/misb...I have a handful of Crimson Guards (mosc) not pictured but for the most part this is it. Still looking for the Cobra Rattler w/ Wild Weasel, Lady Jaye & Buzzer...I'm not into

1970s VW Bus?

Anyone here into the 1970s VW Bus scene? Just looking for a nice VW bus I can slam, gut the interior and remodel the way I want to. I may also chop it, but that depends (I'm pretty tall and need the extra head room). I like the 21 window bus but the full

God I hate Polyfest

Or as it should be known if we were being honest "Ghetto Trashfest" Plus its right over the motorway from my house Today while waiting for the bus they blasted fucking the Harlem shake like 4 times trying to dance with it,Plus a whole bunch of other

Grouping of stuff (SF?)

I have recently bought this named (I will not reveal it) grouping lot from a veteran on ebay. He will not tell me which unit or where he deployed to. As you can see, OPSEC is at work. On a serious note, he assured me that those have seen

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