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Tippmann Gryphon?

My son is looking to buy his 1st marker. I've convinced him to buy tippmann, just because you can beat the hell out of em and they just don't'quit. He's considered both a 98 and the Carver One, and he's seriously looking at the gryphon. Does anyone have

Tippmann A5

I'm looking for a Tippmann A5.

Tippmann thinking about Magfed

Got an email from Tippmann yesterday with a survey attached. Normally I ignore these, but it included a drawing for $100 at the tippmann online store so I figured I'd fill it out. After the first five or so "How much do you like Tippmann?" questions, the

Tippmann US Army marker bag

Another great video from our friends at Hustle Paintball this is a cool bag and a great features Quote :The Tippmann U.S. Army Marker Bag is a pretty nifty medium sized marker bag for any paintballer. It is able to hold your marker with some larger

Tippmann TipX into Halo Magnum? Is it possible?

Is it? They look sorta similar...

Contacting Tippmann

Tippmann Sports LLC. Fort Wayne, IN 2955 Adams Center Road Fort Wayne, IN 46803, USA Toll Free: 1-800-533-4831 Phone: 260-749-6022 Fax: 260-749-6619 Email: --------------------------------- Tippmann Sports Europe, SPRL

Tippmann X7c ALIENS Pulse Rifle BUILD THREAD (pic heavy and VIDS)

Well its finally complete and up and running...have some retouches to do and a motion detector app to add to it but all in all its done...and now on to the build :) Keep in mind this isnt a exact as depicted in this pic...but close enough..and the

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