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Jetta Owners Club

The Jetta Owners Club is a venture into the Car Club realm which puts emphasis on meeting like minded people and having fun with our booted VWs

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Schleich - Old france Dealer catalogue from 1990-1991

Hello, i want to show to all interested collectors, copies of my old france dealer catalogue with old schleich animals and figures. The catalogue is from 1990/1991. I want to say with this surprise many thanks to all members of STS. I´m happy to

Need 17" VW Rim ASAP

I know I know... but maybe someone knows where I can find one. I found the tires I need, but when they went to mount one they found I cracked a rim. It'll run me about $150 just to fix the stupid thing so I think id be better off buying a new one. So.

WTB 80-87 2 door or 1991 front bench seat.

Looking for a real Bench seat NOT a 60/40. Best choice would be a 80-87 two door But 91's had them too. Also will take a c-10 73-87 seat or any other seat that folds forward... Needs to fold forward (91 won't, but I can make it) Any condition is

Temp Gauge Not Working....

Had a thread on this before but can't find it. Anyways, this is starting to bother me more. And since it looks like my 9C1 cluster is never getting returned I need to keep the one I have. So i've tried 4 different CTS to no avail. I've replaced th

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