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Jeremy Sanoski Band.

Was searching for Big Fat Jam and found this band. Jeremy Sanoski. The music style is Christian Rock Pop. This music is excellent when you don't have a hard rock or metal mood. His music is not mellow but sparkling rockin' music. You really have

How Rick Wakeman ended up on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

I've known for years that Rick played on SBS but I never really knew how that came to pass. It's another case of studios with multiple recording rooms. Black Sabbath was in one room recording Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, YES was next door recording Tales

Top 5's - a game

Okay, the rules of this one are simple. We'll select an artist. Each person lists their top 5 favorite albums from that band. No "ties", no more than 5. The top 5 has to cover the bands entire discography. Once everyone has replied, the

Black Sabbath Tickets

I got my pre-sales ticket lined up Cant wait to see Ozzy Geeza and Toni together, wonder who will support them?

Ozzy Osbourne & Tony Iommi Settle Black Sabbath Trademark Lawsuit

Ozzy Osbourne told The Pulse of Radio recently that a lawsuit between him and guitarist Tony Iommi over the use of the Black Sabbath name has been settled and that everything is now okay between the two former bandmates. With that cleared up, The Pulse of

Stereo Passion v Black Kat: Christiana, JA. 1993 stereo passion side only (sound owner: jeremy lee)

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