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BGH Industries

BGH Industries is a place to discuss Sims 3 meshing and modding, and to talk about upcoming events and new creations for Sims 3. View the BGH forum for information on our upcoming creations!

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piano... :(

OK, so I play a lot of instruments for my age. I play flute, alto sax, guitar, starting bass guitar, and least of all piano (and i sing some.. ) Anyway, my question is, if I play all of these instruments, WHY do i have to take piano also? I hate playing

Melt;; Piano Version. || CLOSED. / / PLEASE SEND IN YOUR VOCALS. Animator Needed

I fell in love with this song ;u; Deadline: March 31, 2011. ( I need a Animator, I'll try my best to mix, but it will suck. Also, when posting your audition, you can upload it to YouTube, 4shared, or MediaFire, and it must be in the .wav or .mp3

So Many Wonders (Piano) - SparkyChorus (MLP:FIM 1 year Anviesrey Special)

Well... welll... its here... for 1 year of MLP:FIM its song we singing is So many wonders. deadline is 5 peoples joining 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. We probauly panic if we late and uploading MP3 Download and Lyrics Spoiler:MP3 What is this place Filled

SCANDAL piano sheets???

No... I don't have any piano scores of SCANDAL's songs... But I'm hoping... maybe... some people here do... and maybe share them to others [to me, particularly]... I noticed there is only a thread for guitar tabs... A piano enthusiast like me wonders

Best Piano Pieces Ever!

as said in the title best piano pieces ever, you may post the best or your favorite piano piece/s or song/s. Please also include the composer of the piece. Arigatou! here's my favorite piece: La Campanella by Franz Liszt

Piano x Forte x Scandal」ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル 【7人合唱】

Song Title: Piano x Forte x Scandal ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル (sm5597663) Lyricist / composer / arranger: OSTER project People Who make this chorus collaboration possible: ♠ Mixing: Aemyx ♠ Animation: Fightingforsasuke

Shoujo S Piano Sheet

DuVillage - Shoujo S piano music sheet Links of piano music sheets are courtesy of DuVillage [youtube uploader]... You can find under the video at the video information... You can choose either the TV Version or the FULL version of the song...

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