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Free forum : the awesomeness pivot forum lolz. Free forum : PivotDudes

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Well i used to have pivot 2.2.5, but i couldnt get the sticks i wanted. so i downloaded pivot 3 beta and made videos. then wen i tried to play it. it'll say not compatible with your version of pivot and pivot 2.2.5 pops up. Plz help meeeeee! :( :|

Pivoting data on the fly using Oracle 11g PIVOT clause

Hi All - I am hoping some folks here can give sound experience advise from those having working experience with Oracle PIVOT clause introduced in 11g. Below, I am describing a scenario to see if feasible to use PIVOT for these

Converting Columns into Rows.

I have a requirement where I need to convert rows in columns. The data is quite huge there would be around 200 million records. The sample table contains only data for five months but in actual 12 months of data come in a single row and number of columns

Please Help- Drill Through To Very Large Dimension Table confusion...

Hi,I'm struggling with following design issue.We're currently using Excel Pivot Tables which are tied to SSAS cubes.This cube represents sales which were generated against certain promotional campaigns.The way we built it, we summarized al

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