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Gunmetal 16" trd rims with 265/75/16 bfg at

hey all, looking to trade, possibly sell, this setup. ill trade for a 17" or maybe 18" black rim with 33-35" mud tires. i can add cash as well. im in no hurry so pm me or comment with offers. ill add pics in the next couple days. im located in

Best/Cheapest way to ship rims????

I have a set of rims for sale but i have never shipped rims before.... yea, i know taking the tires off is recommended.... where have some of you gone? some general details would help a lot!!! TIA

20" Rims on my Sonata

Whats going on everyone. I decided to pick up some rims this past weekend for he car. I ran across some chrome 20's that look really nice. If you are getting rims, i would highly suggest moving up to 20". The ride does not seem much different at all

AMS rims

AMS rims. Anyone know much about them? Good/bad? Very good prices for a set of 4 with caps and lugnuts... bead area looks to be thick, more than most rims. Thanks, R

Ford 8 lug rims

Dont no what all they will fit they will fit a class c rv they are brand new never been on the road if any body will use them or needs a spare you can have them i will bring them with me on a ride

New 19" iForged Rims on my Ride!

Picked up some 19X8.5 iForged Retro's this weekend. A very "luxury performance" brand and style. Just my taste. Offset is -38. They fit VERY well with the fenders. Not tucked in too far, but not they stick out just the right amount. The

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