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BattleCode (Suspense/Mystery)- Summary

Inspired by Battlefield 3's campaign and Tom Clancy's writing, BattleCode introduces a new view at the future after all has been done. The years have passed since Kadic and all's well. With Xana gone and the Super Computer de-activated, life returned

Isabella "Izzy" Liberato

O U T O F C H A R A C T E R Name: Hailey Gender: Female. Age: 12 How you found Potter's Army: Forumotion. Any other characters on Potter's Army: Yes. Have your read the Plot?: Yesh. Have your read the Must read threads?: Yup. B A S I C I N

Battle-Code (Mystery/Suspense)

Summary: The Future is Bleak. The world is in danger again, and this time, the world may be fully engulfed in the fires of war. A terrorist group known as the Green Phoenix starts its plot for total chaos. With the Phoenix covering their tracks with

Izzy Fellows has landed!

Out of Character: Name: Ema Gender: Female Age: teen How you found Potter's Army: Internet Any other characters on Potter's Army: 2, Angelina Teresa Rose (deleted) and Neve Starr Anything else: Love the site! In Character Name: Isadora

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