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Isandhlwana survivors

Hi, Does anyone know how many survivors there were from Isandhlwana ? Samuel Wassell, Thomas Westwood, and Frederick Evans, is as far as I know........ can anyone throw anymore names into the pot? Chris Packet

The quest for Isandhlwana

The quest for Isandhlwana By Christina Koning. "If the starting-point for The Dark Tower was a few handwritten pages in a long-dead woman’s diary for 1879, the process of writing the novel brought in many other elements. There was the fact that

Isandhlwana - what really happened?

In most pictures of Isandhlwana we see a mad fight with British and Zulu's all mixed together fighting. After reading that the Brits retired "in good order", it also seems that they retreated and then held a position until their ammo ran out - w

Isandlwana film

fistly, hi everyone this is my first post just a thought...would anyone like to see a new film about the battle of isandlwana? thoughts and observations would be good, not that i'm going to make it!

corpses found at Isandhlwana?

Hi How many corpses found at Isandhlwana? Cheers Pascal

The Battle of Isandhlwana by Fripp's

I have a copy of the print above (The Battle of Isandhlwana.) By Fripp, for some years, and never really look at the detail. However today I had a good look at it through my magnifying glass. Must say the expressions on some of the soldiers faces, must

25B/536 Pte Ernest Ivatts KIA ISANDHLWANA

Does anybody know which Coy he was in at Isandhlwana and does a photo of him exist.

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