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Isandhlwana survivors

Hi, Does anyone know how many survivors there were from Isandhlwana ? Samuel Wassell, Thomas Westwood, and Frederick Evans, is as far as I know........ can anyone throw anymore names into the pot? Chris Packet

25B/536 Pte Ernest Ivatts KIA ISANDHLWANA

Does anybody know which Coy he was in at Isandhlwana and does a photo of him exist.

The quest for Isandhlwana

The quest for Isandhlwana By Christina Koning. "If the starting-point for The Dark Tower was a few handwritten pages in a long-dead woman’s diary for 1879, the process of writing the novel brought in many other elements. There was the fact that

The Battle of Isandhlwana by Fripp's

I have a copy of the print above (The Battle of Isandhlwana.) By Fripp, for some years, and never really look at the detail. However today I had a good look at it through my magnifying glass. Must say the expressions on some of the soldiers faces, must

Isandlwana film

fistly, hi everyone this is my first post just a thought...would anyone like to see a new film about the battle of isandlwana? thoughts and observations would be good, not that i'm going to make it!

Protest songs?

Okay for history we have a project. Again. And we have to look up protest songs. Now im HORRIBLE at this, it's really sad. Can you guys give me a song and a link to the lyris or something? But the songs cannot be dated before 1960s (including the 60s, no

Isandhlwana - what really happened?

In most pictures of Isandhlwana we see a mad fight with British and Zulu's all mixed together fighting. After reading that the Brits retired "in good order", it also seems that they retreated and then held a position until their ammo ran out - w

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