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KRISS Talk Forum Vector Super V

Kriss Vector Super V System K10 Kard forum

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Tales of Hyrapthora

An open RP forum put together by Freefall Vector and Nice2835

#tales, #hyrapthora, #open, #forum, #together, #freefall, #vector, #nice2835

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My Pencil Vector

Lately I've been really into making vectors, I've made a vector pencil on both Illustrator and Photoshop for a layout I'm making.

**NSFW**Arcana Heart Official & "Unofficial" Art HD Vector redraws*R18** Part 3 of 3

And now the final part 3 of Arcana Heart Character HD Vector Redraws. Did these over a year ago but links died so reupped them for their place in Mugen internet history lol. Enjoi and WARNING may contain TITS OR GTFOClarice ***NSFW


Ohh.. This model looks ugly. 90$ for two sprues. Ackk.. Im sure glad i got it for 25% off. Now.. To figure out how to fix it up. I want to close the mouth if i can.. Shorten the neck a bit and figure out how give it a bit longer torso in the back.

72" Flyers

I might be asking a really silly question here but a Flyer can Zoom 36" in the movement phase and then Flat Out 36" in the shooting phase, right?

MW2 Vector Sleeved Fullpack (tga+peewee+sprites)

HERE<<<IN THIS PACKS CONTAIN--Model p_mdl v_mdl w_mdl-sprites-soundsCREDIT-IW-ACTIVISION-CSEXE.RU-ZYNC(idea)-ARBY S-026(sleeve)-YUKI(ME,callsign:snow)

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