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The Other Side of Brooklyn

There's more to New York than meets the mortal eye. Faeries, Warlocks, and demons prowl the streets underneath our noses.

#other, #side, #brooklyn, #there's, #more, #york, #than, #meets, #mortal, #faeries, #warlocks, #demons, #prowl, #streets, #underneath, #noses


Christian Biblical Prophetic Dream and Vision Interpretation


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My Interpretation Of The "Superman" Re-Design By Jim lee

I'm sure everyone here has seen the half-picture of Jim Lee's "Superman", right? Well, I took it upon myself to draw a full-version, to see what it looks like. I took this picture: And added these: To come up with my own

What was the meaning of this? CHAPTER 89

I still don't understand this well... Can explain me what was behind the words...the meanings...what was sugested by hino? 1-"You don't laugh from your heart". Does this mean kaname is still thinking of dying? Even after this scen? I don't ge

" I won't let go of your hand !!! " : Interpretation?

In chapter 615, during the holding hands' moment, we can read what Hinata is feeling and thinking about Naruto's hand: "Naruto-kun's hand... is big... strong... and..." (p. 17). Then she is finishing her sentence by: "Makes me feel

How To: Stop a Fairy

Let's propose that you wish to capture and restrain a young fairy for some ulterior motive: you want to study how they work, or hold one hostage, or whatever reason you might have (you sad, sadistic bastard!) You, on the other hand, have no magical

Wizards, and Aliens, and Faeries Oh My! [Dresden Files/Sekirei xover]

Here is the first chapter of a fic I started writing earlier. www().()fanfiction().()net/s/7249283/1/ Remove the () as appropriate please, they are placed there because of the forum software not wanting me to post links for some reason.

Fairy wings.

I REALLY need something specified here. fairy wings, I've read things about people just "tearing off" fairy wings like it's paper. I disagree. A wing is an appendage, therefore you cant just "tear it off" plus fairies are saturated wit

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