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The Instagib Lounge

A centralized board for the entire Quake Live Instagib community.

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Armagetron Advanced Configurations

Configurations for the Tron based game Armagetron Advanced.

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Oil Price , Rubber and Political unrest in Middle East

Dear Freinds, Oil Price, Rubber and Political Unrest in Middle east would be an advantage for hike of Natural Rubber price. The synthetic rubber is made by petrolium by-products. Political Unrest in Middle East would be effected of Fuel price

Transparent Background

Ok, this may sound kinda noob to all you but im kinda new to graphics. When i start up i click transparent etc, i make my image bla bla bla, where i want the transparent bit to be i leave it so you can see the squares etc, and then i save it to PNG or GI

Rubber future

The rubber prices continues to grow and now over rs 100 over per KG from last quarter top prices as I can remember. With the great results with such low PE ratios( below 7-8 for most good

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