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The Inquisition

Better Crippled in Body Than Corrupt in Mind

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Grey knights Forums

Greyknight fan site for table top gameing This order of light is dedicated to the way of the emperor and to stamp chaos in to dust

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Inquisition -- 1500 pts

Aaron has grown tired of facing my 'Crons, it seems. I tossed this little mess together so I can try out a smaller Assassin Star and the Orbital Strike Relay. HQ: Coteaz. 100 pts Librarian. 150 pts Troops: Warband -- Assassin x5 (swords an

Inquisition detachment?

With the release of the Inquisition codex and the introduction of the Inquisitorial detachment has anyone toyed with bringing a detachment? I considered bringing just a Coteaz to sit behind some LoS terrain to help guarantee/secure the alpha strike,

inquisition hq

so i got me a copy of this inquisition abomination of a codex, and the way i read it is.. I can make IG my Primary detachment, i can ally them with Chaos Space Marines, i can also ally in an inquisitorial detatchment. and from that inquisitorial

Codex: Inquisition

What could this mean for the Grey Knights?

Rough 1850 Inquisition List

I'm not certain if this is what I want but it occurred to me nonetheless and I thought that I'd get somebodies opinion. HQ- Coteaz GK Librarian - Quicksilver and Might of Titan Elt- Vindicare Assassin Trp- Warrior Henchmen x12 - Bolter x9

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