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Inland Taipans and adult Gilas for Houten

Hi, I have for sale or trade 1.1 adult Micros, they were captive bred by Frank weinsheimer in 2008. I can deliver to Houten this weekend I am looking for 3950eu for them or I will take trades of the following: Naja Sumatrana, Naja Samarensis, vipera aspi

Tomato Tuesday: N.Cal & inland valleys

Hi everyone! I'm Linda(LIV) and a newbie at least to SFG. I'm located in the central San Joaquin valley zone 9a. We always had a garden growing up and when I bought my first house last year I knew my first project would be a garden. Of course suburban

Green Houses / Inland Empire

Does anyone use a green house in the Inland Empire? I haven't tried to grow in it yet cause I'm afraid it might be just too hot here now to start any seeds, does anyone out there have experience in growing seeds in a greenhouse in this area? I'm thinking

Inland Northwest

I have only seen one other person not on the coast in this forum and I was wondering how many people there are in Central or Eastern WA/OR, or Idaho... Our climates are very different, even between Eastern and Central but they are more similar than the

Inland Taipan Bite

A teenager has been bitten by a snake, apparently an inland taipan (O. microlepidotus) well outside its range. Not sure if the boy has recovered, but the mystery of where the snake came from

Tomato Tuesday/So. Calif. & Inland Valleys

Welcome to the first installment of Tomato Tuesday 2011!! First off you are probably wondering what Tomato Tuesday is, right? It's simply a weekly report or update on how our tomatoes are progressing. Join in and post your reports . It doesn't have to

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