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Reaction to Imitrex injection

Hi, I have been a member here for a long time, but I haven't posted for awhile. I have used imitrex injections for at least fifteen years. I have had no allergic reactions in all that time. Yesterday I took a shot, and immediatly my arm got red an

Trigger point injection

Recently started going to a pain management clinic. Been doing electrical stimulation, chiropractic manipulation. (done this before) Today I am going for a steroid injection. I am terrified! Why? They are going to inject THE most sensitive point on my

Nerve injection experience so far.

Hello everyone. I had my injections into the back of my head on Friday. So far I can't tell what benefit they are doing. I think there might be something but I expected to feel a difference the first day. The back of my head still feels sore. I think

Learning how to do an I.M. injection

Today my neurologist agreed to allow me to perform my own toradol shots. He thinks I'm too thin to do this in my thigh, so I have to do it in my glute. I'm not sure how I could possibly finagle doing a glute injection on myself - has anyone done

How do I give myself an injection of Toradol

My head is really b ad, but hubby isn't home. How do I give myself the toradol injection..should I do it in my arm or buttom. Please ehlp

Need a new injection site

Hey all! I am hoping that someone here can give me a suggestion as to where else I can inject my imitrex shots. Up to now I have been alternating between my left and right shoulders. However the last time I used my left shoulder I ended up with my shoulde

DHE 45 Injection Users

Could the users of the DHE 45 injection share their experiences? Insurance is such a finicky thing as you all know. And looking at my preferred drug list for abortive drugs DHE 45 is covered so I am just looking to get as much info as I can about it. I

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