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Grid Materials

When I built my boxes I used twine to mark the grids knowing full well that the twine would break - and it did. So as I replant for fall, I want another material. Something waterproof and simple and cheap and that I can use the nails I already have to ti

New Grid Material

I used a composite material last year for my grids . It was some type of plastic trim material I purchased in Lowes. When I removed plants this spring, the grids began breaking. I switched to a PVC Strip that is able to almost fold back on itself and

Incontinence In Staffy X

Hi All, I am pleased to sign up here and join the forum. Me and my fiancée have a 20 month old brindle bitch who has been spayed. Recently she has been leaking a little bit while relaxing lying on the settee or the carpet. It is not a large amount

My SFG Grid

I thought you might be interested on veiwing my SFG grid. Includes planting dates.

Fecal Incontinence

About 2 weeks ago Mugsy went to the vet to have a small mast cell tumor removed from one of his back legs. He has had some mobility issues due to arthritis and hip dysplasia but has always been a very regular pooper and never had any accidents in the

incontinence in season?

ruby started her season nearly 3 weeks ago, and shes stopped all the dripping and stuff and her girly bits have shrunk back down to a more normal size, but shes being wierd with her peeing. while she was really swollen down there, she would have a little

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