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Les Chaveliers du Rues

Pacific Rim Motoring Fraternity

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Sneak-Peek, we keep you up-to-date in the world of motoring.

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How to buy and run a car for less. Bangernomics. bangernomics economy save motoring car cars bargain discount value cheap

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'SUMP' - Civil Service Motoring Association (August 2009)


My other motoring hobby

And what takes up most of my time. Firstly sorry to all who have sent emails about the L/R SSS, I have been flat out for the last couple of weeks getting my car ready for the first race next weekend. I bought it as a bog standard road car and fitted

Bromley Pageant of Motoring, june 13th 2010 we shall have our customary club stand here for 15 cars (10 confirmed so far, not counting "Rusty" who may make an appearance on a trailer, or, possibly, the rustiest 'Heinz '57' in the world, also by trailer)

Bromley Pageant of Motoring 2011

we shall have our annual 15 car stand here and as always will be camping overnight on the saturday and having a little bit of a party - just a few spaces left at a fiver a ticket (their charges not ours!) if anyone else wants to join us

Motoring films

I found this site! very interesting and some bits hilarious!

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