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Iittala - Timo Sarpaneva designs

'Vertica' vase designed by Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala (Finland) and produced from 1972 to 1975, production number 2756 - made in three different sizes.

Iittala 125 years of glass

Highly recommended A survey of the most beautiful and interesting designs in glass - art glass objects as well as utility glass - by this leading Finnish glassworks, focusing chiefly on the 1950s and 1960s; including a complete catalogue with all glass

Iittala Finnish Juniper Plate

I have a 7.25 inch diameter wooden parquet plate marked SUOMALAISTA KATAJAA FINNISH JUNIPER FINNISCHER WACHOLDER FINISK EN Made by V. Ahola Iittala Finland any idea of the production time period?

iittala Ulltima Thule??? Large Bowl but no feet...

Hello - my first time posting on the forum - thanks for a vibrant and useful resource... My first question may be rather mundane I'm afraid... (Not promising anything better with subsequent questions. I don't want to raise expectations!) I have

"Bark Finish" Jug - Whitefriars? iittala?

Hi - second post, and hopefully slightly more challenging than the first? This is a heavy, quality, irregular jug that I feel I should know... the top rim is bevelled and if not for the jug shape I think I should know this? Still a little grotty I'm

Iittala - Tapio Wirkkala designs

Tapio Wirkkala (1915 - 1985) Active at Iittala: 1946 - 1984. Olut- tai Piimätuopit / Beer & Sour Milk Tankard (Model 2052). Designed 1963, produced 1963 - 1966. 'Ultima Thule' 120mm Bowl (Model 2332). Designed 1968, produced 1970 -

Iittala vase - name of design? ... ID = Arnica by Tapio Wirkkala

I have recently picked up this vase from the local fleamarket (snip), I am fairly positive it is a Littala vase by Timo Sarpaneva although it is not marked and has had the Littala sticker removed. Could anyone positively ID it for me and tell me what the

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