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Mis macetas para kusamono y ; my kusamono and accents pots

Hi all! My name is Pepe I live in Mijas (Malaga, Spain) and do not write in English sorry for funny errors and translations of google jeje Planetabarro (clayplanet in English) is my signature I am a ceramist. Since 2 years work Kusamono pots and

kusamono potting medium

Hello all, I know this is probably a very basic question but I am trying to learn more about accent plants for my trees. I'm curious to see what most of you are using to pot your accents in, soil wise. I have had some success with mine but they

My favorite Kusamono... but what is it?

This is My favorite Kusamono... but what is it? It was shown at the Best of British Bonsai exhibition last weekend and nobody knew for sure what it was... I purchased this at a bonsai event in Munich a few years ago... Wolfie got one as well! post your

Some of my Kusamono & Accent Plantings

Here are a few of my Kusamono & Accent Plantings And this is where some of them reside in my garden

How do your kusamono grow?

Hey all, I was out in the backyard today "playing" as it were, and while I was moving around my new and small beginnings of a kusamono collection I thought, "how do others keep these things alive through the heat of summer, cold of winter

Kusamono and Me

Well, not sure how to start this, but will outline some background: 1. I started bonsai while in Oregon 15-20 years ago (good place to start) 2. Restarted last year here in Phoenix, with the Phoenix Bonsai Society 3. I am now the PBS librarian, so have

2009 Kusamono

News are coming soon. Here are the first:

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