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Arachnida Obscura

Arguably my most favorite of all arachnids; tossing up against Amblypygids. My Uropygid which I stowed on plane back from Sarawak to east Malaysia. Thelyphonus doriae borneoensis is my best guess yet. Somebody please throw a monkey in this

"albino" tarantula i cant remember exactly why, but i know invertibrates cant be albino

Rare Philippine Crab Spider [Cool-looking, might be a new species]

Can't really say 'Philippine', as it may be found outside PH, I don't know. It seriously looks like a toy! I like the color very much. This pic is from Eric Oria (

Uk spiders

is there any cool or aggresive spiders in the uk? also is there british tarantulas?ive asked people and some say yeah and others say nay:) thanks guys:)

Photos from POLYPED - invertebrates breeding company, arachnids, insects, myriapods,landsnails

Hello anybody, we keep and breed tarrariums invertebrates sinc more than 30 years. POLYPED (formerly my_insects_empire) exist since 1992, We have more than 280 species, many of them in breed. the

Phoneutria, Tropiocolotes, Arachnids

1.1 (vermutlich) Tropiocolotes steudneris. 0.0.4 semiadulte P.nigriventer/keyserlingi hybriden adulte, subadulte, semiadulte P.feras, Peru und French Guyana morph Angewachsene und stabile Phoneutria sp.ex colombias 0.1 Cupiennius salei, semiadult

Pterinochilus murinus vs Citharischius crawshayi

Ok guys... after a month of enjoying my new B. boehmei (which should be molting in a week or so) and being in the Arachnid hobby for a year now, I wanted to try out an Old World as my 3rd T. I prefer something that likes their enclosure pretty dry s

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