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July 4th live feed discussion

So, true to form Devin is telling Paola she better lose the battle of the block.  Threatening would be a better word than telling.Amber seems content to be a follower.  ---------Voices with phrases are being broadcast over the house speakers.

A naruhina Hug

when will naruto Hugs hinata in the manga that will be the perfect thank you  

BN doesnt seem comfy

hi i have been trying to get him confy for about a week now i got a breeding group. 1 male with two, females. i ahve tryed to built caves and stuff but no matterwhat i do he just hides behind the fitler. what can i do?

Buy some LE4*s? help me with my album? free hugs? ^_^

Welcome to my shop! (=^.^=)Please have a look around at what Im selling/buying/albuming!& Feel free to offer on anything5*sMax Emma- 15TEMax Eleanor- 25TELE 4*sJupi- 2 TEJelly- 2 TEMimily- 2TEHarika- 2 TEMax-

What's on your wishlist - with a catch

What's on everyone's Christmas list this year that ISN"T related to face painting?

Spoiler- Raman to hug Ishitha

In Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein This Week, Raman visits Iyers to get dosa batter as he thinks of making breakfast for Ishita to impress her, thereby make Ruhi talk to him. While making a conversation he suggests to them that if they can keep Trisha as

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