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A friendly and informative forum for rabbit owners and rescuers everywhere. Our overall aim is to improve the quality of life & care for all domestic rabbits.

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Madagascan Ornate Hopper

Scaphyophryne gottlebei Female Male(now dead)

Hello everyone at Happy Hoppers! - Pictures added!

Hi Everyone, Some of you will probably remember me off of another forum - Under the same username. I left another forum quite a while ago when i was shouted at for getting a kitten, even though she is now not so little now she is well looked after and

Algae Control During Fishless Cycle

Anyone have any tips on controlling algae during the fishless cycling of a planted dirtied tank? Heavily planted so I can't just turn off the lights. I do have pressurized CO2 on it. I'm only about a week in and I'm starting to notice some algae growth

Finished one Bunny room

This is where Parsley, Roly and Linnet and Jasper will be going as we are hoping to bond Jasper with Parsley as she has recently lost her old Husbun Gypsy . Sadly I didn't have enough of my 'How much do I love you' border so could only do 3 walls

Fishless cycle using raw shrimp question.

Last monday i started my fishless cycle using shrimp. The amonia level jumped up to the 4.0-8.0 range 2 days ago and hasnt changed. Reason i say 4.0-8.0 the color on the amonia test card is so close its hard to tell. My question is when do i remove th

Happy Hoppers YouTube Channel Goes Live

To all Hoppers, Over the past few weeks many of you have responded to requests made by Jay and others on the moderation team to contribute towards threads on various aspects of rabbit care & ownership including comments on belonging to a forum

What veggies for winter time?

hi there i have not been on this in about a year, i made my account when needing advice when my rabbit caught namonia no idea how to spell it, well sadly she died , and i rescued a rabbit from the sspca, a lionhead cross hes massive and hairy lol, named

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