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Wat if Adi ask divorce of Raman-Ishi

Raman was so shameless n yesterdays episode...was using Ishitha to show Shjagun dat he s happy....after dat blame it all on her Really pissed me...such an emotionally challenged man.. wat if Adi wish 2 see Raman getting seperated from Ishi...will he

Its Maham Anga!!!!

Hello all   After all, we have started getting the stamp of Ekta all over in JA, I was wondering how has she kept herself away for so long and yes!!! for the past 2 episodes, we got what Ekta is famous for :)  (TBH, i really did not want the love

Mental Preparation for s9 Rewatch - Help me tolerate Reyes :)

Ok guys, in the past year or so my feelings about Reyes have turned from "dislike" to "really dislike" to "hate", and she's the main reason why I'm having difficulty wanting to put in my DVDs of TXF s9. In the past I have said that the only episode I like

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