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Helena Tynell - Riihimaen Oy Lasi bottle?

Hi, Does anyone know this design, I think this vase/bottle is by Helena Tynell. Really sorry for the image I will try and get some more sorted. The vase it's self if 7.5" high by 2.25" wide and weights 250grammes. The pontil is polished

Riihimaki/Riihimaen (Finland) - Aimo Okkolin designs

'Rocket' vases designed by Aimo Okkolin.

Riihimaen Lasi Vases, Koristepullo vase Nanny Still

Hi, Does anyone know if Nanny Still signed all of her pieces. I have found what I believe to be a Koristepullo vase but it has no signature. It is in a royal/cobalt blue which I have seen her use in other pieces. Lastly, is her work highly collectible

Riihimaki/Riihimaen (Finland) - Nanny Still (b:1926-d:2009)

Nanny Still was born in Helsinki in Finland in 1926 and started designing for Riihimaki in 1949. She died on May 7 2009. 'Flindari' tumblers designed by Nanny Still and in production 1964-68.

Riihimaki/Riihimaen (Finland) - Tamara Aladin designs

Tamara Aladin (b. 1932) Active at Riihimaki from 1959 to 1976. Let's start this thread off with a nice chunky 'Safari' vase by Tamara Aladin from 1972.

Riihimaen Lasi Vase 1361

Hi again! This beautiful vase is no.1361... who designed it?? I have a feeling it's a Tamara Aladin piece but I cannot find an example of this design. Thanks! Em.

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