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The Lost Duel Academy

This is where you will reach your highest dueling potential.

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Free forum : Mystic Ran Online

Free forum : the most affordable donation in the history of ran evolution it the most highest exp, gold dropand item drop in history

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Week 8 Results - 5/6 - DWTS 16 - Discussion - Spoilers

Week 8 Results - 5/6 - DWTS 16 - Discussion - Spoilers


I think Nick (dispite the fact I don't like him) had a good point. It is a good way to do the dirty work and not get the blood on your hands. I don't like having to wait till Tuesday to find out who it is but I do know it will be interesting to see if

What is the best dual type defensive and specially defensive typing?

I want to know what you guys think the best defensive and specially defensive typings are. And they have to be dual types. Also, the typings dont have to be the ones that only exists

Highest BT from quests?

I dont have access to the higher quests, but I was wondering how much they give? Wanted to compare how poorly im doing to how well id be doing if i wasnt stupid and ignored quests. Im still on 14...

WOW! Mahabharat has beaten the record of highest TVT in first few weeks!

The modern avatar of Mahabharat might have been on air for just 12 days, but STAR Plus already seems to have won the battle. STAR India's flagship general entertainment channel has seen a significant leap in television viewership in thousands (TVT) for

Highest amount of Life-point Damage you've ever done.

So far, 13,300 is my highest record. What's yours?

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