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Happy birthday to our Pooch!

I just wanted to say happy birthday to our family dog, Pooch! He turns 16 today and he's as much of a puppy as he ever was! Sadly I'm not able to be with him today so here is a picture of him from this January. He is our chow mix and our family baby!

Got my silver les poochs brush

But it was the WRONG ONE! They sent the single silver, so I called today and I get to keep it! And, they are sending the double out today, no shipping!! (Shipping was over 15.00 $) Now I get to take this one out of it's box, I didn't dare touch

Our pooch spike

here is a few pictures of our cheeky chappy spike !!

Les Pooch brushes

I have a single Red brush (not matzapper this is the medium one) and a Gold (not yellow) single brush also for sale $60ea plus postage..... i have advertised on Facebook also ...If interested let me know Thx SORRY ALL SOLD NOW THX

My pooch is giving me a rash :(

hi ive just been playing with jess and got a big rash down my arm its really itchy just wondered if any eles gets this and also she got demodex could it be tht giving me a rash ?

Les Pooch Brushes

I love the brushes but can anyone enlighten me on the correct pronunciation. I automatically called them Lay Pooch, cos it sounded french to me ,but then a friend called them Lez Pooch like short for Leslie, so who is right?

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