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Free forum : Battletech Casual Combat

Free forum : Pryde's casual battletech arena. Everything from Solaris to scenerios.

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Free forum : Chaos Legion

Free forum : The Chaos Legion forum is an open site, welcoming everyone in the roleplaying and gaming community.

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Selling older battletech figures

My dad is looking to sell his old battletech mechs tanks and suchs. He has a large collection of them he is wanting to sell. Let me know if anyone is interested and I can get a better count of what he has.

[Sci-Fi City] 7/25 Battletech Demos & Open Play

Saturday 7/25 @ 10 am Come learn to play or bring as Lance or two and throw down!!!!!!!

Battletech SAT 19th CAMPAIGN DAY!!!

FYI The campaign will be continuing......If you like the game and want to play, we need people to help with OpForces and personal PC killing machines. 11-?? FYI! SCI FI! BRUCE! LOL

Battletech mini's

Got a list of stuff for sale. Looking at just getting rid of it so alot of it will be dirt cheap. Madcat Pryde Madcatx2 Artic Fox Cougar Fenris x2 Super Nova Cyclops Atlas Hunchback Thor/Summoners

Battletech Mad Cat Mk II my first Battletech mini the other day. Was so giddy with excitement that I decided to put it together and paint it!! I have been playing on and off with some friends up at our LGS, using some borrowed mini's from them. I've settled on

Newport Games Updates Effective May 5th 2011 (Battletech!)

The following are either restocks or new additions to the store. * ADB0285 Starline 2400 Miniatures: Heavy War Destroyer * ADB5720 Star Fleet Battles: Captain's Log #20 * ADB5731 Star Fleet Battles: Captain's Log #31 * ADB5732 Star Fleet

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