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Bringing you the best in all upfront drum n bass.

Free forum : Drum n Bass audio forum. Bringing you the best in all upfront drum n bass.

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Free forum : Drum n Bass Forum

Free forum : Drum n Bass [ dNb ] Forum. Free forum : Drum n Bass Forum

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Stray Cats - Drum Kit

Have you seen this before???? what is this about??? It comes from:

Getting The Deepest Sound Out Of Your Bass Drum

One of the hardest drums to tune properly is the bass drum. Learning how to tune a bass drum is information that every drummer should learn. There are a lot of tips and tricks you can do to get a good sound out of your bass drum. For example, you can

Help with bass drum triplets

Hi guys, It's been a while since I was a regular around here. Lots of ups and downs in the markets, trying to make a living and just plain stuff getting in the way. I haven't stopped listening to the great music Boomer and fellow musicians are playing,

Don, here's my Roland e-drum kit

Don had asked me to post some photos of my e-kit in one of the threads, but I couldn't remember which one so I started a new one. These are the new mesh heads I purchased and I split the channels on 3 of the drums so I could add the rubber pads onto the

New drum karaoke from drumwizard

Hi, There are some new attempts here.. Please comment.. Markku

Guitar Center's Drum Off Winner

This is Isais Gil, the young man who won the Guitar Center drum off contest for 2010 in Los Angeles. I found him very entertaining, and he's doing some creative things in his performance. See what you guys think.

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