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Figgjo flint cup

Does anyone know the name of this Figgjo pattern please? I've hunted hi and lo without success. Thanks, Bryn

O2 XDA Flint HTC Advantage X7510 smartphone

i know its not a fish or a plec but i have a brand new O2 XDA Flint HTC Advantage X7510 smartphone for sale looking for around £220 ovno the box has been opened but it hasnt been turned on

Flint - Flint ComiXCon - 4/14/12

What: 3rd Annual Downtown Flint ComiXCon Where: Masonic Temple 755 South Saginaw Street Flint, MI

Figgjo Flint (Norway)

'Lotte' cruet set designed by Turi Gramstad Oliver.

Figgjo Flint Bowls

Picked these 5 bowls up today. Had never seen them before so bought them out of interest as they are different. Practically the first thing I see on here are links to the design name etc Does anyone have an age for them. ? Are there buyers out there

Seal Danish Flint Stone category

Hello all Danes, Danish seal. Here a virgin stone as it came straight out of the chalk of Möns Cliff and thus has no patina but on the other hand there are no chips broken off. Animal figure stone category Danish Flint Stone? Sunip

Greenwich Flint Craft (USA) - Tom Connally Designs

Greenwich Flint Craft (USA) glass designed by Tom Connally, produced from 1969-1972 only. Greenwhich Flint Craft (GFC) was a line of glass, produced under it's own name but was under the umbrella of a larger glassworks called "Indiana

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