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Norway during ww2 forum

Forum belonging to Norway's biggest ww2 site at www. nuav. net, where you can discuss all aspects of ww2 history as long as it relates to Norway /Scandinavia.

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New Heer '46 figs from Aurora

Aurora Model have added two new rather well-endowed panzer-girl figures in their Heer '46 range.Yes, the squirrel (more, like a North American Chipmunk to me ) comes with the figure...andThis one seems to have a befriended a Giant

That heer ranjha thing

look at me don't you know me or am i for eternity your strangerthough across the myriad skiesthrough vast unending universesas time bendsand space compliesi walk toward youin me through me beyond me and beyondi walk toward youwon't


Juz googled some intresting facts n pics about MUZ 4rm wiki,hope u al njoy reading it....  Mariam-uz-Zamani, also known as Heer Kunwari, Jodha Bai, Hira Kunwari or Harka Bai, (October 1, 1542 – May 19, 1623) was an Empress of theMughal Empire. She

Jodha Akbar 78: Bachao! Bachao!! Jodha Begum ko bachao!!

Bachao! Bachao! Hamari Jodha Begum ko bachao! Unke priyatam Kanha ke naam par, unhein aise moorkhta aur ashleelta ke daldal mein doobne se bachayie koyi! Koyi hai? Wo doob rahi hai,  kya use koyi nahin bachayega? CVs, maanyavar, krupa karke kuch

HC-Aditi - Their First Public Appearance as Prem-Heer

I decided to Break the Nariyal .. Now go ahead !!This was HC & AG first public appeareance as Prem and Heer..!! Prem Had not Enterted the show as yet, and KDM was just 2-3 Epi's Old..!! It was this very first Appeareance that stole my Heart away

JA: Empress Ruqaiya Begum

There is finally a girl who has the Aura of a queen... all that I wanted to see in Princess Jodha is there in Empress Ruqaiya... The way she carried herself, the way she posed, the way she locked eyes with Jalal... It was like bangs of fireworks...

First Indian Idol Junior to be aired on Sony TV from next month

Listening to a melodious song sung by an ace adult singer is endearing. But songs sung by children who have been God gifted with the ability to sing beautifully, may be far sweeter for the ears of the listener. A child’s voice after all has

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