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Pleco for hair type algae?

I am looking for a pleco that might eat the black type hair algae that is growing on my Manzinita branches. Doing some research I found the Flying Fox or Siamese Algae eaters would work, but these would be the perfect snack sized fish for my Midas, so bac

Are Ceramic heaters good?

Is it true they last a long time? Are they worth the cost? Someone please reply before tomorrow -crosses gingers-

Question on Coralline algae and leds

Guys I am stumped here! As ya'll know I have kept reef tanks for close to fourty years now and I have always dealt with coralline algae all over everything. Some folks like coralline and I do to up to a point, it can get to be a pain. Well ever since I

Cyano algae..and how to defeat it

So, in smaller reef tanks like my 25 there are a lot of things you need to monitor. Water parameters can go awry easily and disasters can spread faster than in a larger reef due to the size. I recently had a bout with cyano algae (

Algae scrubber

do any of you now of a algae scrubber??? If any of you have built one how is it working?? I'm getting ready to build one, the last month I have had a brown algae problem develope and I'm hoping that it will get rid of it

Algae Problem

I have some algae behind the silicone on my tank that I would like to get rid of. Any ideas on how to do this?

Flame Macro algae

I have some Flame algae aka Dragons breath macro for sale 3" to 4" clippings. active club members $10 non active club members $15. shipping not included. will be putting other coral frags up for sale soon.

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