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Loveless: Redemption

Years after the Loveless Series a New HeadMaster is in town. New Rules, New Battles, New Rival Academies. Let the Battles Begin!

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South Duel Academy

Duel Academy

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HE WORLD CUP QUIDDITCH Did you think Quidditch was dead? Never my friends! It's comin back and hopefully in a way you'll like to join! It's time for the HE World Quidditch Cup! This time you can gather your friends from every house and finally

A Welcome from the Headmistress (going on HeadMaster)

I would like to welcome all new members to the Hogwarts Experience. I would love to be able to welcome you all personally, though quite often I am up to my eyeballs working to update the site, so therefore time unfortunately doesnt permit me to, though I

Mai-HiME Omake II: Fuka Academy [Multi-Language]

Mai-HiME Omake II: Fuka Academy Disclaimer: Attention Mai-Multiverse Valkyries and Einherjar, starting today I will be posting the written translations of the Mai-HiME Omakes one-by-one on a daily basis. This is to contrast Ruby-chan's Mai-Otome omak

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