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Codex Alimentarius Commission- is this a threat?

My Dr. told me about the Codex Alimentarius today and said it had already been passed in Europe and was in motion to be enforced in the U.S. He showed me a list of supplements and vitamins and the allowed strengths. He said vitamin C for example would be

Why is it assumed all concubine are females?

This is something I have noticed and never really understood. It seems when people talk of the other 2 lineages more care is made to make them uni-sexed when referring to them. Yet the moment a discussion of a concubine occurs "she" is the pronoun

Question with some comment (Temple of the Vampire)

I have seen in other locations posts recommending contacting the Asetian web site to ask questions. I have not located that site so I will ask an open question here for others to see and maybe get an answer from someone in authority. In reading the

Galactic Codex

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Codex Gigas (the Devil’s Bible) - the largest manuscript in the world

27 JANUARY, 2014 - 06:52 JOHNBLACK Codex Gigas (the Devil’s Bible) - the largest manuscript in the world Codex Gigas, otherwise known as ‘the Devil’s Bible’ is the largest and probably one of the strangest manuscripts in the world.  It is so large

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