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My Chemical Romance

Free forum : My Chemical Romance Fansite. My Chemical Romance

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The Danger Days

A roleplay based of of the My Chemical Romance Album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

#danger, #days, #roleplay, #based, #chemical, #romance, #album, #true, #lives, #fabulous, #killjoys

The light at the end of the tunnel

Free forum : Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-to help, support and educate others.

#buprenorphine, #suboxone, #addiction, #recovery, #substance-abuse, #drugs, #chemical, #dependency, #treatment, #opiate, #hopeful, #here, #help, #nannamom, #support, #neardirector

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Die großen Illusionen rissen ab und fielen. „Es gibt nichts, wovor man sich fürchten muss.“ Ohne zurück zuschauen, eilte ich nach Shangri-La Es gibt nirgendwo Antworten. Und weil mir niemand antwortet, entschied ich mich, mich mit meinen eigenen Augen


剥がれ堕ちた超幻想 「怖いものなどなにもないさ」と 振り返ることもなく飛び出した桃源郷 答えなんて何処にも無い 誰も応えてはくれはしないから 此の眼で確かめる事にしただけさ 「天竺に陽が昇り 森羅万象の輪廻が始まる 釈迦力を身に纏い 叢雲を突き抜けていざてんしょう」 何度も何度でも 其の声は此の僕を導いてくれる さぁ行こう 金色の雲に乗って魅た事のない世界の向こう側へ 凡てを知りたいだけさ なのに知れば知るほど

Discovering LM.C

i was wondering.. how evryone discovered LM.C?.. coz i just discovered them this year around mid january and i became a fan tht very instant. Still remember browsing through Crunchyroll and i saw (Punky Heart PV). then i decided to see more vids in


Hagare ochita chou gensou "Kowai mono nado nanimo nai sa" to Furikaeru koto mo naku tobidashita tougenkyou Kotae nante doko ni mo nai daremo kotaete ha kure ha shi nai kara Kono me de tashikameru koto ni shita dake sa "So Tenjiku ni


Cette hyper-réalité a commencé à s’effondrer « De toute façon, j’ai peur de rien ! », et Sans me retourner, j’ai quitté le pays des merveilles Il n’y a aucune réponse, nulle part, puisqu’il n’y a personne pour me répondre, J’ai seulement voulu vérifie

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