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DarkCoderz este prima scoala virtuala in care inveti WebDesign

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Kingdom Hearts Banner

Type of creation : Banner Size of the image : 557 x 165 Font color : N/A Link to the font to be used : N/A Text : Kingdom Hearts Sub text : N/A Background color : Black Any special effects to be added : N/A Things to avoid : N/A Other

PopUp without opening new window

PopUp without opening new window PopUP box withot opening a new window Here I will learn you, how to make a PopUp without opening a new window. It's quiet simple, just follow the steps. 1. Step - Open PopUp For the first, you'll have to make a

JQuery slide question Its jquery friendly. does anybody know how i can achieve that effect with jquery: [strike]If you click the about or work tab,it "slides" and it takes you to onother content.That content is in the same page,since it


Name of the Forum: WebDesign Address: Area's you wish the reviewer to review: Quick Review Design Your Name on the board: drogba921 I'd like an experienced reviewer to do this if possible

Insult Generator

Lots of tasty CSS3 here, What do you think?

Hardest part in learning web design?

What do you thing is the hardest thing to learn in web designing? As per me, the most difficult thing is to achieve cross-browser compatibility. What about you?

Fireworks vs photoshop

is fireworks more of a web designing program while adobe cs5 is a regular graphics program? i can't really find what the difference is. Part of the reason is im bad at researching :/

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