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Arika Yumemiya and Nina Wang as lovers?

do you like them together?

What would you do with Nina Wang?

I've been staring at my signature wondering about that poor unfortunate kitten with bad hair. She appears to have hurt herself too, the strange looking thing. Then I'm told the cat resembles a character from the Mai-Otome series. This Mai-Multiverse sure

Spectrum backplate and wang bar m/ments...

I suspect these will cover most spectrums and possibly even others as I checked the backplate against my Genesis backplate and it was close enough to spot on...

The very awesome Nina Wang cosplay of Hoho-chan

Hi guys, this year for Japan Expo I'll be cosplaying as the so cool Otome of the Black Smoke Chrysoberyl!So this topic is especially dedicated to Luu-sama who's the biggest fan of my cosplays X)It's not done yet but I'm working hard

Nina Wáng's weak point!

One of the greatest moment in Mai-Otome deserves it's own thread:Neena-chan's weak point DUBBED :3 I love the way Irina says "sexy!" XD The whole idea of Nina's weak point is delicious and ridiculous at the same time. X3 I love

NEW STORE Opening: CMY Audio LP/Vinyl Specialty Outlet @ Sungei Wang, Sat 10 Dec 2011 ... & You're Invited!

Just a quick intro about what's going on...With the resurgence of vinyl, many manufacturers, distributors & dealers have been stepping up to the game, offering a plethora of hardware & software for new & experienced audiophiles alike.Fortunately,

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