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Utah Rivers

A place where Utah white water lovers can talk about rivers, meet new people, plan trips, etc...

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Middle Provo off Limits to Kayakers!

Just got off the phone this morning with Mark at the Mitigation Commission that has helped guide the restoration project on the Middle Provo River from Jordanelle to Deer Creek. Based on information they post on the web site

Last BYU Provo Pool Session & Rodeo Night

Spring is springing! and you know what that means. Time to wind down the pool sessions and get ready for the real stuff. What better way to go out than with a little competition?! On Wednesday, March 23rd from 9:00 to 10:30 pm the BYU Whitewater

Public input for Provo Parks Trails and Recreational Fields

If you are interested in proposing that Provo build a whitewater park this seems like a good opportunity to give that input. Next week Provo City will be holding meetings for city residents to give input to guide the formulation of the 10 year

Provo Parks master plan

A couple of months ago Provo city published their updated Parks and Rec master plan on the mayor's website. As I searched though it today I found that it mentions (page 121) a whitewater trail / park from Columbia Lane to I-15. On page 144 it lists

BYU Provo Pool Session

9:00-10:30pm at the Provo Rec Center Pool. Admission: $5 Rental*: $5 PAYMENT: Pool Admission: -Pay online (recommended): If you have a BYU ID, go to and click the "Pay Club Dues" tab. Enter your info, and select "Whitewater Kayaking

Provo River - Lower Town Section - Plastic sheeting

There was river wide reinforced construction plastic sheeting hanging from the new I-15 bridge into the river on Sat. 3/12. It wasn't there the week before. Eddy out and sneak on the left. Rob-

Beginners - canoeing Provo River

My daughter would like to take a canoe trip down the Provo River for her birthday in a couple of weeks. We do have access to a couple of canoes, but we don't have much experience. My daughters have used canoes on lakes at Girls Camp, and I have done the

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