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Ultimate Star Wars RPG

Imagine your in a world of Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians and many other factions wagin war! Will you survive in this world!?

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Kotor's Cloak of Stealth (OLD/ approved)

Name: Cloak of Stealth Ability/Function: The enchantment effectively cloaks Kotor. The enchantment is only usable if Kotor is wearing "The Cloak of Stealth." The effect does not make Kotor invisible: it merely blends him into his surrounding

Kotor's Alias Armor

Name: Unnamed, no really, the alias has no name. Ability/Function: Used to disguise the wearer. Self Melded: The armor is magically attached to the user. It melts onto them from their clothing and skin. Protection: The cloth contains small

Kotor's Energetic Wave Travel

Name: Energetic Wave Travel Magic Cost: Passive Class: Supplementary Element: Lightning Effects: This enchantment allows the user to travel freely along any pathways of metal that they come into contact with. That is of course, restricted.

Kotor's Whirlwind Inferno

Name: Whirlwind Inferno Magic Cost: 30 MP Requirements: Mastery of the Wind element. Class: Offence Element- Primary: Wind Secondary: Fire Effect: Kotor raises his right hand and a ball of wind energy begins to form (takes a post to

Kotor's Prototype Ace Speed Suit

Name: Prototype Ace Speed Suit (Ace Suit for short) Ability/Function: Increases Kotor's speed by 10% and his physical resistance by 5% but reduces his strength by 10%. Protection: Reduces any physical damage taken by 5%. Description: This armor

Kotor's Stealth Enhancement Enchantment (OLD/ approved)

Name: Stealth Enhancement Enchantment Magic Cost: 10 to initiate; passive after initiation. Class: Supplementary Element: None Effects: The enchantment effectively cloaks Kotor. The enchantment is only usable if Kotor is wearing "The Cloa

Kotor's Lightning Healer

Name: Lightning Healer Magic Cost: 40 MP Requirements: Mastery of lightning, knowledge of light magic Class: Defense, Supplementary Element- Primary: Lightning Secondary: Light Effect: This spell heals Kotor or his allies by shocking

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