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Fox Tails

There is much more to the world than is known to humans. We think that our limited knowledge is everything and group things together accordingly, but are our uninformed assumptions alwa

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The Dragon Index - All the dragons of the Forum!

This will be an under construction deal. *If I miss out on a Dragon, Please PM Aero!!*however if you are a Mod you can edit this post and change something yourself I'll try my best to go searching around the Member's Egg/Dragon thread, but I might

You and your Character-

Part two of my semi-redundant...getting to know you thing. This is about the third time I've gone and done this particular thing..... So, tell us about your does some of his/her characteristics relate to you? Your stories? Where'd you

Fa Jing Training 1 (Solo/One Shot)

It was a total no brainer for Saito to realize he had a long way to go. That fight with the veteran mage from Fairy Tail told him there was a lot to work on. Especially in his spells. Combat experience accumulated from fighting others is something just ou

Jing's Static OCC

This Out of Character thread is for the game "Jing's Static" In game "RULES": White should only be used to describe actions or scenes and communication in English. Various colors, bold, or italics should be used for communication. Please state your

Huli Jing [ The multiple faced fox ]

Name: Huli Jing ''the multiple faced fox. kitsune'' Age: ?? he has two tails meaning he is not too old would be between the 10-20 years old. Bounty: 12.536 thievery. selling secret information from the marines. Species: ex-Human now kitsune (red

Sleepy Sakura Shut-Down![MC-C]

Request name: Sleepy Sakura Shut-Down! Request rank: C Client name: Magic Council Objective: Wipe out the Sakura Silencers and destroy their production of illegal pollen-based drugs. Location: Era Reward: 6000 Jewel Request description: You've been

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