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The Imperial Gunnery Forum is a vintage Star Wars forum created by collectors for collectors. Discuss Lili Ledy, Harbert, Palitoy, Meccano, Clipper, Kenner, variants and many more! Come see our new bootleg section for information on Uzay Hungarian an

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WTB: Harbert Yoda

Been looking at this for a while.  If someone has a carded Harbert Yoda, please PM me.

FS - MOCs from ROTJ , POTF, and Harbert! New adds on 5 Feb - TIG'er bump before RS bump!

Just added Harbert R2 , 65bk Luke Farmboy and 31bk Lando! Giving you guys 1st crack before I bump it on RS F/S - MOC's!!



Harbert HL-5 speaker (Sold)

Harbert HL-5 speaker w/o grill (Used).Condition 7/10 .Price asking for Sold.Any question please Steven 0122889393 . Thank you. Please visit my website

R2-D2 harbert 12 back moc(SOLD)

hi guys looking to sell him, i would like £300 ono I bought him from jase for £300 and then graded him for £18 so I make no money on this deal just need to break even so you get the grading for free so to speak pm me or email me if your

Need some advice - Sell my perfect Ledy MOC for a Harbert ESB?

Alright I need some opinions guys! I really want the Yoda ESB that Jeffsmuseum has for sale. Now since so few transact I don't know if the price is crazy or not. However if I want it I'll need to sell something of approximate value. So here's the

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