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Handling different Time Zones

I have SSAS 2008 with sql server 2005 database as a source. Currently, we store all dates in UTC time and use system generated Time dimension in the cube. Up until recently the granularity of a day was just fine for our needs. Now ( I've been doing

Handling changes to facts

Hi All, I have a question on how best to handle the scenario when something that has been recorded in a fact table changes at a later date. The situation is as follows: For an educational institution Fact table storing a student's graded results


Hi I want to access a webtable and its elements based on row and column. Can anyone post a piece of code handling webtables.

Unexpected event handling in webdriver/ selenium

Is it possible for selenium to wait for an user input if an unexpected event occurs in the script(like a message box/ new window/ warning / alert or any other interruption)? For example if some new functionality is added to the code and when

Handling Confidential Data

[b]Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4 1 abcd 56.37 45 3 def 34.45 34 5 edk 23.45 34[/b] I have a question about handling confidential data in Dimensional Model. Here in the above mentioned example RED is confidentential. Confidential data is at the table element

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