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Scales and Things

Herpetology is the study of amphibians and reptiles. It comes from the Greek word herpeton meaning a creeping creature. Carolus Linnaeus, the scientist responsible for the taxonomic hierarchy we use today, called amphibians and reptiles foul and loa

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The Rise: Athena's Province

The Rise of the Warrior Spirit, or the RRP, was very popular for a while, and in the hope that it is still popular, I'm going to be remaking it. Cowriters: Skippy (Kayle) Garth (the beast) Josh (Sean) Seth (Kabnit) New Characters -You'll have

Office Environment... Dog Style

A new perspective on the office hierarchy:

So any ideas for GTA5 Crew Hierarchy

So does any one have ideas/thoughts on this? Who's ready to kick ass and stick people up....I have my eyes on a Armored car

Halo 4 RP Part 1

( /t838-halo-4-rp-characters ) I yawned, walking down one of the ships' corridors to my quarters. Being a Spartan had privileges, being a Spartan Officer had even more. We were en route to some discovery a bunch of scientists had made, so my Teams

Priest Team

PRIEST Team is a fire team attached to Special Warfare Division Three. Name: Jeremy Hunter Callsign: Requiem Age: 17 Years old Race: Human - Caucasian Rank: Lieutenant Commander, Spartan - III of Special Warfare Division Three Skills: An excellen

Guild Hierarchy and Applications

The following is a full list of how the guild hierarchy, and any applications for appointed positions within the group. All applications are to be private messaged via this forum to Fluttershy. Guild Hierarchy: Mane Cabinet: The leaders of the

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