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Free forum : The Travian School - S1

Free forum : The Travian School - A halfway house for new players to learn how to play and enjoy the game . A place to play alongside experianced players and players of the next generation . Once you

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The Weary Traveller Inn - halfway between Camaar and Spero.

Airy had heard about a new Inn just built to break the long journey between the towns. It was reputed to be a good place to eat and to meet others outside their own small circle. She had missed the people of Camaar since she had moved to Spero and hoped t

The Quest for Violet Jones [PRIVATE]

[This quest was approved by Katie]Four shall travel west to the grand canyon state, To seek what lies ahead with two open gates. A child of Athena must temptation withstand, Resisting the call of death's command. Finding allies in which strife tries t

The best gym story, just happened at the gym

So the funniest thing just happened at the gym while I was there, this man "Jackie" (around late 30's early 40s) that spots me sometimes at the gym was taking a shower. While he was coming out of the shower, this young asian kid had his shower curtain hal

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