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Evolution Mind

Free forum : A place to discuss aswell as share thoughts, openions, ideas, and information. The range of catagories will be from the trivial to the serious. The goal is to help myself aswell as other

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WTF is a harmful new legend drug

From the PMJ He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, burglary with assault or battery, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of a[b] harmful new legend

Travels and ramblings

Last week was a rush, the process of getting things ready to be gone for four days, to leave in another’s care, makes getting away a hassle, but always well worth it once the rubber meets the asphalt. I did not get to tour the countryside as much as I

Depakote Questions

My Internal Medicine doc has prescribed Depakote 500mg before bedtime as amigraine preventative. I am taking the first one tonight. Can anyone tell me what to expect. Is this a good med or a bad one? Does everyone gain weight with this? Does it really

What is the Recipe for Hearing from God?

Hear are my views informed by the word of God, and I would like to read yours. The Recipe for Hearing from God To hear God, you must have the following ingredients: 1.[size=24] Come1 into the Kingdom The first blessing Jesus mentioned in the

Bad Habits Gangsta Crip

Cuh were u From im from BaDhabkitz GanGsta CriPk No Zone GanG Sanbernardino Townk Bkizzness and we Fucc wit Top GanG on no zone we aint east or west no more niggas bketter no its No Zoneee Stupiid One of them niggaz response when I told him to come o

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