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Prophesy of Pendor : Aftermath

An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4

#prophesy, #pendor, #aftermath, #detailing, #events, #pop3, #before, #pop4

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Gucci's last Interview before The EC Match

Gucci is seen walking toward the interview room where Gucci is going toward his locker room. Gucci then sees Jazz running toward him asking him can he be interviewed about the current actions he has done lately. Jazz: Gucci how do you feel about being

Behind Gucci's Back.

Rikishi, Captain Rump, and Electrifyy are all standing in a small empty white room. Captain Rump and Electrifyy are standing naked in the room, while Rikishi is only wearing his signature thong. Rikishi: "Time for initiation. Are you losers ready

Gucci's Chance

Gucci walks into the area listen to his new theme song he just made his theme song Saliva song "Superstar" Gucci: Shine.......Make Me A Superstar.............Shine Interviewers walks up to Gucci interviewer: Gucci can I ask you a couple

Gucci's Clothing Line

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] This is my first time making me a clothing line thats not gay but its also my first time putting it in stores so hope ypu like it

Gucci Swagg Jon(GXWS)

Name:Gucci Swagg Jon Age: 14 Attitude:Nice Face or Heel: Babyface Height: 5,6 Weight: 235 Level: 10 Theme Song: RVD One Of A Kind Finishers: G Five-Gucci Swagg Jon lifts the opponent on his shoulders and slams him on the mat executing an

Gucci's Life

This is the story of Gucci Swaqq Jon right now and soon in the future we can make more memories with the GXWS Superstar known as Gucci Swaqq Jon 1997 In 1997 Gucci enter his way into his first company known as E.W.S(Extreme Wrestling Style) were Gucci

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